words: Brent Malysh || photos: Gina Bégin

The Cabin Life

Picture a cabin in the woods.  You probably see a log structure, deep in the forest, probably some mountains, maybe a lake and a whisp of smoke rising from the chimney.  Am I pretty close?


Now think about how that makes you feel.  I’m guessing it’s a pretty relaxing feeling.
’round the Koots there are plenty of cabins like this.  Some are privately owned; elaborate homes tucked away along the vast lakes in the area.
Some are very rustic one-room A-frames built by volunteers, managed by snowmobile or ski touring clubs, and available for the public to use.

The simple life

Taking the chance to escape to these is the perfect chance to unwind and get back to that feeling you just imagined.  It’s the simplest of the simple life.
Food cooked on the woodstove, or maybe outside on a fire.
A few beers.
Game after game of cribbage with dog-eared cards and little bits of sticks for markers as the original ones are probably long lost.
Reading super old magazines by lantern light, and heading to bed well before your usual time.

All day to explore…

The morning brings cool air as the fire has long gone out, and you realize you don’t care that it’s probably 6am.  Build the fire back, put on some coffee, and prepare to just laze around the cabin, or head off to explore somewhere nearby.
All sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?