The Making of Backroads: A Different Kind of Trip


As we approach our second anniversary, I’ve been thinking back a bit about the journey to get to this point.  While we may have opened our doors to the public on March 23rd, 2017, the reality is the journey began well before that, really as far back as the spring of 2015.

Backroads-Brewing---Nelson-BC---First draft of Logo

From writing and presenting the first business plan to potential investors, to the many revisions of that plan, to finally taking the plunge and signing a lease on a building, there was nearly a year of work. 

Check out the hilarious first draft logo – if you ever use Fiverr or 99 designs, well, you definitely get what you pay for. I asked for something that had mountains and roads; I literally got a mountain and a road.

Fast forward to May of 2016, and we’d found our location and began the arduous process of dealing with city and provincial officials, architects, engineers, and tradespeople. After months of back-and-forth, we officially began construction in September of 2016.



The Brewery equipment arrived January, 2017,  later than we expected. Mostly due to some strange escrow rules in California where we had purchased a used brewing system, and the last couple weeks of delay due to an epic snowstorm and a trucking company that couldn’t find a driver willing to drive to Canada….



Despite the challenges, we opened just eight months after beginning construction, a relatively short time in the world of brewery openings.  In the two years we’ve been open, we’ve released just shy of 50 types of beer, undertaken a brewery expansion project to double our capacity, and have developed distribution throughout the West Kootenay.



This upcoming year will see even more changes as we grow and expand the business. It’s definitely been a trip —to say the least.