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We know you’ve got questions. We’ve rounded up some of our favourites below — see if one fits the bill.

(Did we miss your question? Give us a ring.)

Beer has food value, is that enough?

But seriously, yes we’ve got basic beer snacks – think soft pretzels, pepperoni sticks, and other nibbles that we source as locally as possible. On select nights we also host pop-up restaurants doing more substantial offerings.  At any time you are more than welcome to bring in takeout from wherever you feel like.   The bar staff will happily suggest their favourites.

Yes, provided they are the same volume as our growler options. Make sure clean and try your best to remember your lid!

They sure can. We love well behaved kids who are happy to sit and watch mom and/or dad have a pint. We have a small selection of sodas or juice for them, too.

I know, I know, who comes to a brewery and orders something other than beer?  But it happens, so we do have a selection of BC made cider and wine for those that can’t have beer or don’t want beer.  If alcohol isn’t your thing, or you’ve got some minors with your group,  we also have sparkling water, juice,  and craft-sodas available.

Sometimes we’ll take reservations for larger groups, but generally we won’t take them if you’re  just trying to score a prime seat on a friday night.  Message us at if you are in fact looking to bring in a larger group.

We will occasionally host a private event, but we generally won’t interfere with our regular business hours to accommodate private functions. Please contact us to find out if we’re available for your event.