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Project Description


Our brewery is right in the very centre of town. The beer is brewed in the back and flows directly to our taproom up front.

It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

At 1300 sq. ft, our taproom has a tiny capacity of 50 patrons. The room was designed to evoke a cozy, backcountry cabin feel, just like those found up in the backroads of Nelson. In the warmer seasons, we open up the front patio for another 14 people to enjoy our beer right on Baker Street.

All our beer is brewed in our small, 8-hectolitre brewing system, complete with five fermenters and eight conditioning/serving tanks. This means we have the flexibility to make a variety of styles and keep things fresh. It also means the majority of our beer will be served from our brewery taproom.

We’re all about local: the wood in our taproom is sourced from local mills & forests, our custom-made furniture and fixtures were fabricated by local metal workers, local art hangs on the walls — even most of the Backroads-branded gear in our retail area is designed and created in the region.

And most importantly, the beer is made in-house, traveling 100ft from the serving tanks in the back to the taps out front.

How far you take it from here is up to you.
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